Night of Adventure

Thanks to Dylan Winter for filming and editing all the talks at the Night of Adventure, 14 speakers spoke to around 400 people in a packed Vue Cinema in Leicester Square, check out the rest of the talks here.  My particular top 3 are Simon Hood talking about cycling to every York City game, Dylan’s high volume accounts of his adventures in ‘Slug’ and Bradley Garrett’s exploration of the undisclosed urban environment, but they are all good.

The Night of Adventure is “an exciting, sell-out event where an eclectic collection of first-class adventurers, from across the spectrum of explorers, daredevils and pioneers, come together to share their experiences with a live audience.

Each speaker is limited to just 20 slides to accompany their tales, shown on a huge cinema screen. The challenge is that each slide will automatically scroll forward after just 20 seconds. With this unusual and challenging presentation format, once the talks begin there is no stopping or going back, the audience must be ready to be swept from adventure to adventure!”

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The LondonNight of Adventure raises around £8,500 for hope hope and homes for children, check them out here

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