About Us

Founded in 2010, our Normally Aspirated Human website is an American-based website that seeks to share the beauty and benefits of cycling to inspire average cyclists to become more knowledgeable and responsible riders. We publish our own blog and the works of other average cyclist bloggers. We feature stories, articles and tips (of course) about everything from the science of cycling through to road safety. And of course, we always talk about the reasons why we enjoy cycling.

My name is Lindsay, I have a sibling who have the same likes and hobbies. Growing up together with my sister, we’ve realized that we had a lot of something in common — from clothes, to hobbies, and sports including swimming, running and the one we love the most – cycling and everything in between. It’s fun to do things with your sibling and do stuff that makes you delighted and free from stress. We discover new things to do and we love the idea of always having a new obsession. However, our interest and love for cycling never aged. We love cycling ever since we were kids and up until now. Thus, we decided to create our own site to share everything about cycling. By sharing our stories and that of other cyclists, we hope that this site will reach its mission and goal to other people.

We created our forums here in this website. We want to invite you to check out our forum page and participate in it. A welcoming and supportive community has developed these past few years and we’re hoping that our community will last for years through your support.

Get to know more about us just by clicking every section of our Normally Aspirated Human website. If you have any information you’d like to know, feel free to connect with us via email. Please see the information at the contact section.

Thank you for taking time to read our story. Continue exploring this website to get to know us more.