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Most of the readers and followers of this site know that riding your bike is truly the best way to get to and from work, school and other areas. I hope this thread will dish out advice on how you can get started with cycling. I would like to thank in advance the people who will participate in this forum. Please note that while you have the freedom to post here, we do not tolerate foul or offensive words.

Hi every one! I just started cycling these past few days. Please give me some advice that will inspire me to continue my journey and pursue my interest in cycling. Thank you so much!

So you’ve decided to start using bicycle for transportation? Good to hear that! You are now part of a group of cyclists who believe that riding a bike is the best type of transport. We hope you enjoy riding your bicycle. Just stay focused on the road.

My little piece of advice… Try to commute in the worst weather. If it is raining, snowing or if it is windy. It is always better to be safe of course. But biking is the best. Don’t be distracted by bad driving, poor state of the roads, weather, water or any other negativity. Just relax and enjoy the view on the road and be careful!


The words you’ve shared are really useful. I’m thinking about cycling to work although I’m a little bit worried by the thought of getting there all sweaty but this is really good advice. Thank you so much!

I am grateful for your advice. I will keep those advice on my mind and try my best to be a responsible cyclist.