The Top 5 Renowned Cycling Events in the World Besides the Tour de France

Top 5 Renowned Cycling Events

Cycling enthusiasts are undoubtedly familiar with the Tour de France – the world’s most famous cycling race, held annually in France.

The race, which winds through the country of France, was first held on July 1, 1903. Since then, the Tour de France has been a yearly event, attracting participants from all around the world.

Usually, the Tour de France takes place over 21 days, covering approximately 3,500 km. Dozens of teams from different countries compete for the coveted title.

Last year, the Danish cyclist, Jones Vingegaard, triumphed in the Tour de France. He broke the consecutive two-year winning streak of Tadej Pogacar after an exhausting three-week race, covering a total of 3,350 km.

This year, the Tour de France is scheduled from July 1 to July 21. The race will kick off in the Basque Country and conclude in Paris on July 23.

Prestigious cycling events like the Tour de France always capture significant attention and media coverage. Here are some other renowned cycling events that have been held for decades.

World’s Most Celebrated Cycling Races Apart from Tour de France

Tour de Singkarak

Tour de Singkarak

Quoted from Pariwisata Padang’s website, the Tour de Singkarak is an international cycling championship. It’s also an official race of the Union Cycliste Internationale. The name “Singkarak” comes from a beautiful lake in West Sumatra, which is always part of the race route. Padang city, the capital of West Sumatra, frequently becomes a stage of the race, often serving as the start or finish line. The event was first held from April 23 to May 3, 2009, and was initiated by Indonesia’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism. It also receives support from the West Sumatra provincial government and districts through which the race passes.

Giro d’Italia

This is an annual long-distance race participated in by professional cyclists. The race is popular because it traverses the picturesque landscapes of Italy and its neighboring countries. The Giro d’Italia began in 1909 to boost the sales of the newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport. Every year, dozens of professional teams from various countries participate in this event, which typically lasts about 23 days.

Tour de Langkawi

Held since 1996, the Tour de Langkawi in Malaysia is another significant global cycling event. As per Wikiwand, the event’s name stems from the fact that the race starts on Langkawi Island, Kedah. This race covers various locations across the Malay Peninsula and is part of the UCI Asia Tour. It serves as a warm-up event for professional cyclists before they head back to compete in Europe. The Tour de Langkawi spans a distance of 1,180.8 km, with teams from all over the world competing.

Amgen Tour of California

This race takes place in California, USA. Professional cyclists from around the world are challenged to race through Californian roads and coastal lines every spring. This competition usually lasts 8 days and covers approximately 1,126 km.

Tour de Suisse

Held in Switzerland, this cycling event was first introduced in 1993 and has been an annual event ever since. Similar in structure to the Tour de France, it features several stages where cyclists have to navigate through the Alps. The Tour de Suisse lasts for over 9 days and attracts not just professional cyclists but also novices.

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