8 Benefits of Mountain Bike, from Physical to Mental Health

5 Benefits of Mountain Bike, from Physical to Mental Health

Mountain biking is suitable for extreme sports enthusiasts in a natural environment. Mountain bikes are recommended because they can maintain physical, mental, and emotional health. This sport requires a special bicycle for mountainous terrain. In addition, additional equipment is required, such as a helmet, elbow guards, and knee guards, to avoid the risk of injury.

Mountain bike (MTB) has various types of variants according to the track to be traversed.

First, there is Cross Country with up and down lanes. In addition, there is a downhill with a descending path. If there is a downhill, of course, there is a path that is only for going up. Then there are also variants according to the Olympics and also for the relay. In the following, Normallyaspiratedhuman.com summarizes the five benefits of a mountain bike:

1) Helps Control Weight

MTB training is perfect for weight control. Regular exercise can burn fat and tone muscles. Long-distance training can provide more oxygen to the working muscles. In addition, with energy that runs out quickly, it will help burn fat in the body.

2) Natural Therapy

MTB can be one of the natural therapies because it will connect with nature. Cycling with the nuances of forests, mountains, and other natural environments can refresh the brain. It can also rest the mind and make the mind calmer.

3) Maintain Heart Health

Cycling can reduce the risk of developing coronary heart disease. This also applies when practicing MTB. By pedaling a bicycle it will stimulate circulation so as to prevent the appearance of varicose veins.

4) Strengthen the Immune System

This activity is suitable to avoid a lazy lifestyle. Cycling is one way to ward off various kinds of diseases.

5) Maintain Mental and Emotional Health

Mountain bikes have a huge impact on brain function because they are able to release endorphins which are known as happiness hormones.

6) Stabilize Diabetes

Sitting too long and lack of physical activity can be a factor causing diabetes. Diabetes that is not well controlled can cause serious complications such as kidney, eye, stroke, and heart damage.

If you have diabetes, you should be diligent in physical activities such as jogging in the morning or cycling. You are free to choose which sport you like. By cycling, you can reduce the risk of complications from diabetes and keep the sugar levels in the body under control.

7) Helps Overcome Insomnia

After a day of activities, of course, our body and mind need adequate rest time. However, this does not apply to those who suffer from insomnia. As a result, lack of sleep alone can make the immune system, decrease and interfere with the body’s metabolism. So, if you often experience insomnia, you can try cycling diligently and making a sleep schedule at the same time every day.

8) Lower the Risk of Heart Disease and Cancer

An unhealthy lifestyle and rarely exercising can increase the risk of heart disease and cancer, such as colon, lung, and breast cancer. Cycling regularly can reduce the risk of both diseases.

In addition, cycling can also reduce blood pressure so that it becomes stable and controlled. Meanwhile, by actively cycling, the risk of cancer can be reduced.

After cycling, don’t forget to keep your body clean so that germs, pollution, and sweat that stick to your body are gone. Use Liquid Soap that contains antioxidants to thoroughly clean germs and pollution.